Welcome to Advanced Home Inspections of WNY
Purchasing a home is most likely the largest investment you will make. When looking for a new home, buyers tend to look at the neighborhood and the cosmetics of the house. Advanced Home Inspections will go beneath the surface to see what condition the house is in. We offer peace of mind by thoroughly dissecting the major components of the house and give you the knowledge to make an informed decision.
What is a home inspection?
A home inspection is a complete evaluation of a property. It will put your house in perspective by comparing it to its peers. Our company cannot legally do repair work of any kind to a house we are inspecting. Therefore, we can keep a totally unbaised perspective of the house for our client's best interest.
Why choose Advanced Home Inspections of WNY?
With over 20 years experience in the home improvement industry, you can be assured that our company is knowledgeable and excels in customer service. Just having the knowledge does not mean a company can explain their findings to the client in the correct manner. We know how to relate to people and make them feel completely comfortable with the entire home inspection procedure. Also, you as our client can feel reassured that we do not share your inspection information with any other party but you. We are also sensitive to the time constraints of real estate contracts and will make every effort to accommadate your needs. We can be reached and inspect 7 days a week.